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Thunder Sky Winston battery is a high-power lithium iron yttrium phosphate (LiFeYPO4 or LFP) battery invented by Mr Winston Chung in 2001 as the only manufacturer with LiFeYPO4 patented technology. Winston cells incorporate yttrium to enhance cell temperature flexibility and overall performance. The minimal lifetime is 2,000 cycles, with real experience showing up to 8,000 cycles.

Since 2017, the new production plant has been running with an annual capacity of over 1 billion Ah. So far, the factory exports the most lithium iron phosphate cells in China. In 2024, Thunder Sky Winston Limited intends to invest 1 billion US dollars to build a new factory that produces large-capacity energy storage cells of 1000ah10000Ah. From a technical point of view, expanding the capacity of energy storage cells can reduce the number of series-parallel cells, reduce PACK components, improve the accuracy of BMS data collection, and enhance consistency, thereby reducing energy storage costs and improving energy storage safety.

While other companies are still working hard to develop 500ah single-cells, Thunder Sky Winston had the technology of 10000ah single-cells in 2015. This has made Winston Battery the global leader in LiFePO4 for energy storage applications. It has been selling well in more than 36 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa.

Ranging from smaller 40Ah cells to large 10000Ah single cells, you may find Winston installed in submarines, energy storage solutions (ESS), electric buses, RVs, yachts, motorcycles, and bicycles. LYP Battery is an independent global sales department of Thunder SKY Winston, aiming to provide high-quality cells and a complete battery solution for those who are building EVs and energy storage projects.

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