Energy Storage

winston chung hall

Winston Hall” 1.1 MW. Fixed Solar Energy Intelligent Storage Plant at the Bourns Engineering College, University of California, Riverside, USA.

It is the first operational battery storage device approved by the U.S. National Grid. Since it was used on September 19, 2014, there has been no failure. It saves the engineering school building 70% of its electricity annually, and excess power is put into the local grid.

“Zero Carbon Pavilion” of Shanghai World Expo

600kwh smart energy storage station in the “Zero Carbon Pavilion” of Shanghai World Expo.

Assembled with 280 pcs of 700AH Thunder Sky Winston Lithium-iron batteries, the application collected solar and wind energy on the roof of the Pavilion every day to supply the power for daily electricity.

The station was preserved with a Carbon Pavilion to offer power for years.

lifepo4 applications

Intelligent Uninterruptible Energy Storage Cabinet application in South Africa.

Charged automatically by the cheap off-peak electricity in the urban area, the energy storage cabinet is set to maintain an uninterrupted power supply for a whole day.

Solar Energy Storage Power Station for House in Czech

Solar Energy Storage Power Station for House in Czech.

The core of the solar energy storage power station for a house is solar modules + battery + inverter. The typical system is generally 5KW (Solar modules + inverter) with 10KWH (energy storage battery) or 10KW+10KWH, of which Winston LiFePO4 battery is the core of the energy storage system, the cost accounts for about 45-50%. The energy storage converter can control charge and discharge and carry out AC/DC conversion; the cost accounts for about 10-15%. The solar module system is used for solar power generation; the cost accounts for about 20-25%; Installation costs for 15-20%.



Mobile Energy Storage Emergency power Station

Mobile Energy Storage Emergency power Station

Since 2012, China Southern Power Grid Power Supply Bureau has used Thunder Sky Winston brand lithium-yttrium batteries for energy storage and equipped with various specifications of 0.4-1.0 MW mobile emergency energy storage power station, charging with off-peak power, with a saving rate of up to 70%. The discharge rate is less than 1%/month, with no floating charge and no maintenance within one year.

Mobile emergency energy storage power station can be used for various purposes, such as military operations, rescue and disaster relief, geological drilling, field operations, etc

Solar Wind Energy Storage Container

Solar Wind Energy Storage Container

Solar and wind energy are connected to the output voltage of solar energy panels or wind energy motors through Winston LiFePO4 batteries. These are connected in series into groups. In contrast, with the support of a DC voltage regulator system, the energy is directly stored in the battery pack. The battery pack has an inverter system that converts DC power into AC power and outputs it to the public grid anytime. It can also alter the renewable energy stored in the battery pack into AC 380V and 120V through a DC inverter to supply the power to users directly.

Mobile Field

Electrical Taxi

Electrical Taxi application in the UK.

According to the vehicle type,330V/ 100AH, 330V/ 160AH, 330V/ 250AH, 330V/ 500AH, four kinds of power battery packs are the best; this kind of battery charging time is 70 minutes and 120 minutes.

Electrical Truck

Electrical Truck application in South America.

According to the vehicle type,160Ah、200Ah、260Ah, and 400Ah, four power battery packs are the best; this kind of battery charging time is 70 minutes and 120 minutes.

Electrical off -road race car OSCar eO – The first EV car racing the DAKAR rally!

Using 160 cells of 100Ah from Winston drove 8400 km in the 2012 Dakar rally.  

Electrical BUS

Electrical BUS application in Ukraine

The big-size bus standard should be a 330V/1000Ah power battery, a charging time of 120 minutes, and driving 430 km. They have a “hydrogen reactor” continuous driving range of≥1000 km.

Electrical Medium BUS

Electrical Medium BUS

Standard 330V/300Ah power battery pack, charging time is 60 minutes.

The driving range is generally 330 to 500 km, and the driving range is ≥800 km when the “hydrogen reactor” is installed.

Electrical Train

Electrical Train application in Romania.

The large capacity Winston TSWB 400AH cells supply the traction power for the 768V DC system.

National Defense

Conventional Submarine Batteries

Conventional Submarine Batteries

223 of Winston-LYP10000AHA lithium-yttrium battery, connected in series to six outputs, has a total capacity of 38000kW /H and a total weight of 410 tons. It is equipped on the A-class diesel-electric conventional submarine, with a full charge, the submerged range can reach 3300 NM at 17 knots /H, and the latent time can reach more than 800 hours.

Undersea Aircraft

Undersea Aircraft

The power source of undersea aircraft is from Thunder Sky Winston liFeYPO4 battery. It dived into the deepest trench in 2011, deep into more than 7 km.

DIY Application

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