LiFePO4 UPS Battery(Customized)

LiFePO4(LiFeYPO4) UPS battery is an uninterruptible power supply. It is a backup power supply device connected between the user’s key equipment (load) and the AC power supply to solve the uninterruptible power supply. Its role is to ensure that the load has a continuous power supply, and it can also supply power to the load within a predetermined time in the event of an AC power interruption.

LFP UPS battery can ensure unimpeded network and communication. Urban development cannot be separated from the support of electricity; the rhythm of the information society makes people unable to get rid of their dependence on electricity. In the face of more and more power service demands, the Lithium Iron Phosphate UPS backup solution perfectly incarnates as a “giant charging treasure”, providing a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply guarantee.

LFP UPS has a wide input voltage/frequency range, which is especially suitable for oil-generator power supply and harsh grid environments. It has high-quality sine wave output and anti-lightning and anti-electromagnetic interference functions. It has excellent dynamic indicators and extremely high reliability. With extended battery life, lighter weight, faster recharge, higher performance and higher power density, the LiFePO4 UPS battery offers a higher return on investment when looking for backup and comprehensive protection of mission-critical devices such as sensitive networks. The strict requirements of reliability and stability are fully applicable to various fields such as telecommunications, finance, transportation, nuclear power plants, petrochemicals, military, scientific research, hospitals, taxation and government.

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