Winston Battery

Winston battery is a high-power LiFePO4 battery. It is also called the yellow LiFePO4 cell because of its yellow appearance. The water-based positive active material of Winston battery is fired by mixing fluorine compound and rare earth, while the negative electrode active material is made of nano-carbon fiber and artificial graphite, so it can always keep its inherent molecular structure unchanged when receiving large current charging. With the following features:

High safety: never explodes, can withstand overcharge and overdischarge;

Large monomer capacity: The maximum capacity of a single cell can reach 10,000;

Long service life: The battery life exceeds 25 years, and the self-discharge rate is less than 1.0% per month;

Green and Environmentally friendly: Water-based positive and negative electrodes do not contain nickel, cobalt, or PVDF (manufacturing, use, and recycling are all environmental);

Higher charge/discharge efficiency: No battery memory;

Consistent discharge voltage: Less power loss when the battery is low;

Wide application temperature: -45 to 85 degrees.

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