WB-LYP160AHA-3.2V 160Ah LiFePO4 Cell Wide

Model: TSWB-LYP160AHA 

Capacity: 160AH

Weight: 5.6kg+100g

 Size: 278x209x65 mm

Operating Voltage: 2.8V~3.8V 

Cycle Life: 80%DOD≥5000 Cycles, 70%DOD≥7000 Cycles


  • Adopt a water-based binder and stacking structure; it can accept a fast charge and discharge under a 3CA current. It can keep its inherent molecular mechanism unchanged: strong lattice, impact resistance, high safety, wide temperature resistance, long life, etc.
  • Each cell has to undergo 18 performance tests before leaving the factory to ensure consistent performance and reliability so that no cell fails post-sale over the years.
  • According to the characteristics of the poor low-temperature performance of LFP cells, the rare element yttrium is added to the cathode material to improve the cycle life and lower the minimum temperature the cells can be charged or discharged at from 0.6°C for LFP to -30°C for LYP.
  • LFP prismatic cells have a reasonable space utilization rate. Even if the batteries inside the battery pack must be laid in multiple layers, they can be stacked together tightly without wasting much space.
  • It can be recharged at any state of discharge – no memory effect.
  • Nominal voltage 3.2v.


LFP battery pack is not just a battery, it needs to be regarded as a complete system, and it must be equipped with a BMS to protect the cells from overcharging and over-discharging


Weight (kg) 5.8
Connector M8
Height (mm) 278
Width (mm) 209
Depth (mm) 65
Nominal Voltage (V) 3.3
Capacity (Ah) 160
Cycle life for 80% DOD >5000 cycles
Cycle life for 70% DOD >7000 cycles
Internal Resistance (mOhm) <0.4
Max discharge current (A) 1600
Optimal discharge current (A) 80
Max charging current (A) 480
Optimal charging current (A) 80



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