48V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery UPS-Thunder Sky Winston

Model: TSWB-TB48v-50AH

Capacity: 50AH

Weight: 35kg

 Size: 438x450x132 mm

Voltage: 48V


LFP battery energy storage

Configure Independently R&D with global core patents energy storage type high-capacity water-based lithium Iron Yttrium Phosphate(LiFeYPO4-LFP) battery, more than 7000 times cycle life, and the service life is more than 20 years. As a representative of new energy, an LFP battery has a small size (1/3 of an ordinary lead-acid battery), long life, good high-temperature performance, and easily meets the requirements of a fast replay point.

Unattended function

Suitable for remote, many base stations or unmanned sites.

Strong safety

LiFePO4 cathode material has good electrochemical performance, the charging and discharging platform is very stable, the structure is stable during charging and discharging, and it can be over-discharged to zero volts. Even if the inside or outside of the battery is damaged, the battery does not burn, does not explode, and has better safety.

Fully adopting DSP digital control technology, the product is more stable, and the quality is superior.

Equipped with Smart BMS

It can monitor battery voltage, current, temperature, SOC, SOH, and other information in real-time and has an intelligent thermal management function to realize the safe and stable operation of the energy storage battery system. The active input power factor correction (PFC) is as high as 0.98 or more, avoiding pollution to the grid environment and meeting the social requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

The wide input voltage and frequency range can provide a normal power supply even in remote areas with very harsh power environments, which reduces the number of battery discharges and improves the battery’s service life.

Zero switching When the mains power is unstable, the switching time of the LFP battery UPS power supply mode is zero, which effectively guarantees the safety and reliability of the load operation.
Convenient remote monitoring function, providing standard RS232 interface, optional dry contact, RS485, network monitoring card, etc.

Environmental protection

The whole production process is clean and non-toxic. All raw materials are non-toxic.








Nominal Capacity 50Ah
Nominal Voltage 48V
Operating Temperature -20℃-75℃
Working Voltage 43V-58.3V
Standard Charge Current 0.5CA
Standard Discharge Current 0.5CA
Module Energy 2.4KWh
Self-Discharge Rate ≤1%
Size L 438mm
W 450mm
H 132mm
Weight 35kg

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