WINSTON LiFeYPO4 Battery Storage Cabinet WB1600KW-AC

Nominal Capacity:1.6MW

Operation Voltage:Charge AC/380V/200Ax3 Discharge AC/220V/100KW/16H

Weight:  Customized

Cycle Life:≥20 Years


Small size, large capacity

The battery storage cabinet is a kind of energy storage equipment developed mainly for users with their need for a long-time uninterruptible power supply. for example, families, Villas, large hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, and various research institutions.

The equipment can set up power storage time and output time according to different power sources and also can set up output power values and interruptible time of working.

The equipment can automatically charge the storage batteries using valley-time urban electricity at a low cost and can be set to the long-time status of interruptible power supply.



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